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Our Story

We take pride in owning this stunning piece of land in Kelowna, BC, and it’s a responsibility we cherish deeply. Our goal is to share the unique wonders of this place, both in terms of unforgettable experiences and tantalizing flavours.

Crafting Vodka, Gin and Limoncello amidst the natural beauty of our region is a journey we look forward to sharing with you.

Our Story

Explore the Essence of Our Farm & Distillery in Kelowna

Our Farm & Distillery in Kelowna: A Hidden Treasure

Experience Kelowna's Luckhurst: Farming and Spirits Combined

Get to Know Kelowna's Best Farm & Distillery

Laura and Joe met in Vancouver in 2009 when Laura was working in the aviation industry and Joe was the representative for his family’s estate winery located in Oliver, BC. Following a few years of dating, they embarked on the next step of their journey together investing in their first home. Joe received a call from his parents asking him and Laura to shift their “five-year plan” in Vancouver and instead move to the South Okanagan to take over management of the family business. In the Summer of 2012, they adjusted their plans by moving to the beautiful BC Interior and never looked back.

Life continued to unfold when they married in the spring of 2013 and welcomed their daughter Farley into the world in the spring of 2016. Their little family continued enjoying life in Oliver and in the summer of 2018, the family winery was awarded First Place at the National Wine Awards in Canada. This prestigious award led to the sale of the winery later that year. Joe stayed on with the new owners of the winery until the summer of 2020.

The Pandemic led Joe and Laura to discover what was most important. Family. This perspective is what helped to find their next endeavour. While looking for the perfect family business, Joe continued his consulting services to the wine industry while Laura seized the opportunity to fulfill her dream to write and illustrate a children’s book.

After an extensive search for their next chapter, the young family discovered the ideal setting to pursue their dream life. They stumbled upon a quaint distillery nestled on a stunning six-acre plot of land. This picturesque place not only provided an opportunity to deepen their expertise in the liquor industry but also to foster happiness and camaraderie with a charming assortment of farm animals. Moreover, its scenic allure renders it a perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photoshoots. 

Laura, Joe and Farley are excited to get “Back to Real” on the farm.
Our Heritage

In this hidden gem of Southeast Kelowna, Laura and Joe have transitioned a rich legacy of winemaking into the vibrant artistry of distilling. Paying close attention to their family history. They want to ensure their stories get told for years to come over a glass of spirits made on their land.

Our Distillery

Our copper stills are more than equipment; they symbolize the nature of our dedication, transforming locally sourced ingredients into exquisite spirits. Here, we pay homage to traditional distillation techniques while embracing contemporary quality.

Our Family Farm

Our farm is truly remarkable, boasting acres of forest and hills, along with a water tower that adds to its charm. To fully appreciate its beauty, seeing it firsthand is a must. Our goal is to make the most of our land and all it provides.

Whether it involves planting vibrant, stunning flowers or expanding our botanical garden, we’re committed to ensuring that stepping onto our property leaves you breathless.

Our Spirits

Discover Farming and Distillation Magic in Kelowna

Discover Kelowna's Unique Blend of Farming and Spirits

Your Kelowna Adventure Awaits at Luckhurst

At Luckhurst Farm & Distillery, we pour our family's history into every bottle. The Lumberjack Vodka is a tribute to Grandfather Jim's rugged determination, a spirit as steadfast as his legacy in the logging forests of Vancouver Island. The Dragoon Gin carries the valor of Great-Uncle "Red", a WW2 tree topper and Dragoon, in its bold botanicals. Nurse Campbell Limoncello bursts with the vibrant zest of Grandmother Hazel’s adventurous spirit during the war years. Here, our spirits do more than celebrate heritage; they invite you to become part of our story with every toast.

The Essence of Our Ancestry in Every Sip