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Our Distillery
Crafting Spirits, Celebrating Heritage

Discover the Craft of Okanagan Distillery at Luckhurst Farm & Distillery

Discovering the Heart of Luckhurst Farm & Distillery

Crafting Spirits in the Heart of Okanagan: Visit Luckhurst Distillery

Savor the Best of Okanagan at Luckhurst Farm & Distillery

At Luckhurst Farm & Distillery, our pride is deeply rooted in the art of creating handcrafted spirits, where each bottle is not just a beverage but a vessel rich with history. It’s here among the rolling hills of Okanagan Valley that our copper stills gleam with promise and our oak barrels imbibe each spirit with its unique character.

Essence of the Valley Spirits Distilled from the Heart

Our spirits are a testament to the land’s bounty and our passion for excellence. From the pure, crisp Lumberjack Vodka to the robust notes of Dragoon Gin, experience the soul of Okanagan in every glass.

A Tradition in Every Bottle

A Journey Through Okanagan's Distillery Landscape at Luckhurst

Luckhurst Distillery: Where Okanagan's Finest Spirits Come to Life

Experience Okanagan's Distilling Excellence at Luckhurst Farm

Every spirit we craft carries the essence of a story – the toil of loggers, the courage of dragoons, the zest of life embraced by a wartime nurse. Our distillation is not just a process, it’s a celebration of lineage.

Savor the Craft

We invite you to witness the alchemy of distillation, sample our exquisite spirits, and embrace the stories that have shaped them. Discover the essence of Luckhurst in each sip.