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Luckhurst Farm & Distillery, Crafted Spirits, Fresh Flavors, Unforgettable Events

We take pride in owning this stunning piece of land in Kelowna, BC, and it’s a responsibility we cherish deeply. Our goal is to share the unique wonders of this place, both in terms of unforgettable experiences and tantalizing flavours. Crafting Vodka, Gin, Limoncello and Whiskey amidst the natural beauty of our region is a journey we look forward to sharing with you.

ICONIC Spirits

Coming from a history of farming, we want to ensure we use our experience to the best of what it can offer. Crafting vodka, gin, and limoncello to showcase the natural quality of the region.

The Farm

As our name suggests, we’re more than just the distillery; we’re also a vibrant hobby farm, enriching the overall experience. On our farm, you’ll encounter a delightful variety of animals, including chickens, goats, honeybees, pigs, and mini highland cows. It’s a lively environment that enhances the ambiance, offering our guests a glimpse into the wholesome joys of our family life.

We offer a wide array of options for your upcoming events


6.1 acres


Glamorous style with beautiful options for wedding ceremonies and photoshoots

Rustic / Modern layout for unique corporate events


High end rustic

Lavish garden

Endless photo opportunities!

Plan Your Visit: Experience Luckhurst Farm & Distillery

The options for wedding photos are limitless on the property.

Our large collection of vintage tractors and machinery along with the bountiful gardens provide countless opportunities for capturing stunning moments.


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4275 Goodison Rd,

Kelowna, BC, V1W 4C6

Phone Number: (250) 535-3021

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