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Capturing Magic Moments at Luckhurst in Kelowna

Unleash Your Creativity in Kelowna's Natural Beauty

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Luckhurst Farm & Distillery, the ideal canvas for your next photoshoot. With the natural splendor of the Okanagan Valley as your backdrop, each shot promises to be as breathtaking as the landscape itself.

Frame Your Memories Where Every Snapshot Tells a Story

Whether it’s for fashion, lifestyle, or a special occasion, our farm offers diverse and photogenic scenes. Capture the essence of your vision with the perfect fusion of rustic charm and natural beauty that Luckhurst Farm provides.

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Scenic Photoshoots in the Heart of Kelowna's Beauty

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From the soft morning light filtering through the orchards to the timeless allure of our distillery’s copper stills, discover the perfect scene for every composition. Our farm’s varied landscapes offer photogenic settings that will elevate your photoshoot to iconic status.

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Luckhurst Farm & Distillery provides more than just scenery; it offers a wellspring of inspiration for photographers and creatives. Bring your vision to life amidst our farm’s captivating vistas and crafted rustic details, ensuring your portfolio is as unique as the moments you capture.