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Crafted Heritage in Every Bottle

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The Artistry Behind Our Exceptional Okanagan Spirits

A Spirit for Every Palate

Our Craftsmanship in Every Bottle

Step into the world of Luckhurst Farm & Distillery, where our handcrafted spirits are as rich in heritage as they are in flavor. From the forest’s rugged canopy to the battlegrounds of history, our vodka, gin, and limoncello embody the spirit and stories of our lineage.

Taste the tradition and craftsmanship distilled into every bottle and join us in a toast to the legacy that inspired them.

Echoes of the Past in Every Pour

Each bottle of The Lumberjack, The Dragoon, and Nurse Campbell is steeped in the legacy of those who inspired them, crafted meticulously to tell their tale. With every sip, you’re not just tasting a spirit; you’re partaking in a piece of history, a whisper of the wild lands, and a sparkle of bygone eras mingling with the present.

Join us in raising a glass to honour the enduring spirit of our ancestors and the boundless joy they bring to life’s grand tapestry.

The Lumberjack

Experience the Essence of Our Okanagan Luckhurst Distillery

Experience the Art of Spirits Tasting

From Grain to Glass: Our Distillation Process

The Lumberjack Vodka has a delicious aroma of toasted bread that originates from the BC malted barley we brew with. The Lumberjack has a silky mouthfeel and a sweet caramel finish. Enjoy in any vodka cocktail, or like we drink it — neat.

Notes: toasted bread, kilned barley, full mouthfeel, caramel sweetness.

The Dragoon

Our flagship gin has rich aromatics of basil and sweet orange. Juniper, basil, saskatoon berry, and lemongrass come together to produce a gin with notes of red berry, fresh garden herbs, and a light warming spice. This gin plays nicely with any of your favourite gin cocktails, and shines with a G&T garnished with a basil leaf.

Notes: aromatics of basil, orange, herb. Flavour notes incl. jammy red fruit, sweet citrus, light citrus-y spice (cardamom!), light floral character (rose)

Nurse Campbell

This limoncello combines the rich, oily goodness of the lemon peel with the freshness and acidity of lemon juice. Put 2 ounces limoncello on ice and top with soda water for an incredibly refreshing summer beverage!

Notes: bright, fresh, juicy, acidic, tart, lemon peel, lemonade, light sweetness…

A Toast to Timeless Tales

As the day wanes into the soft glow of dusk, and the glasses clink in the quiet joy of the moment, we at Luckhurst Farm & Distillery are reminded why we pour our hearts into every bottle. These spirits are not just drinks; they are the liquid anthology of our family’s journey—past, present, and future.

We invite you to be part of this ongoing story, to share in the warmth of our traditions, and to create new memories with every toast.

Here’s to the tales yet told and the experiences waiting to be savored.